What we do

Foodstep is supporting all the children who are locked up in Kampiringisa and the children who been received in our Home Coming project.

Kampiringisa is a rehabilitation center for juvenile delinquents and ‘stubborn’ teenagers, unjustly dumped there by family members.
The police also bring street children from Kampala towards Kampiringisa. If no relatives are found, the street children remain there until their 18th birthday.

The children are under guidance of the Ugandan ministry.
They are given basic caring with select food and housing due to several reasons.
Foodstep supports where we can and always-in direct communication with the director of Kampiringisa.
We’re not judgmental and are committed in the support of the many children.
The relationship with the management of the center, has grown during these 8 years with a trust for Foodstep.

Every week we take clothes and food to support the children at Kampiringisa National Rehabilitation Center for youth. Visits include worship, teaching, basic medical care, vitamin distribution, singing and loving. Once a month Foodstep organizes a party on a Saturday with a proper meal. This meal consists of meat, vegetables and fruit.
Further we entertain the children with music and dance, sports and recreation.

In addition we take care of regular hair shaving; distributing sanitary pads and other toiletries.

As committed we are providing school fees for more than 100 children; organizing visiting medical teams and dentists; arranging medical treatment and surgery…

“Home Coming”
The Home Coming, as we call our home, seeks to display the love of the Father embracing the prodigal son. Ugandan patrons are part of our team serving as the children’s parents. We want to raise the children as Ugandans, respecting their traditions, participating in their society, being responsible citizens and having the skills to cater for themselves and their future family.

We provide housing, clothing, food and drinks and a safe haven for the children.
All the children are going to local schools. Educating them on theoretical and/or practical pathway.
Some already graduated as carpenters, mechanics and hotel staff.

In 2014 Foodstep invested in housing and safety measures for the children.
Also equipped the Home Coming that it is suitable for the smaller children brought in directly by the police or coming from Kampiringisa.
“Nathalie’s Dream”

Tourism is a growing industry in Uganda and there’s virtually no quality training for house, hotel and restaurant staff. We are developing plans for a quality vocational training school in hospitality and culinary arts. We are in the process of designing school buildings and a restaurant with modern equipment. We also want to build 10 double lodges.
This is not only for vocational educational but especially for self-supporting of funds.